Your network is your net worth

The Swiss Network

Our movement is spread throughout Switzerland. The main clusters are around Geneva and Lausanne. We are however also present all the way to Valais, Neuchatel, Fribourg, Zurich, and St.Gallen.

Some numbers:

264 Junior Entrepreneurs

13 Junior Enterprises

2.8M CHF Turnover

349 Consulting Projects per Year

The Swiss Junior Enterprises

Each of the junior enterprises have their strengths and their domain of expertise.

Choose wisely.

The European Network

The 1st Junior Enterprise appeared in Cergy, France, in 1967. Since then, it has spread all over Europe. Now, Junior Enterprises Europe is the coordinator between all national confederations such as ours and Junior Enterprises Switzerland was one of their founders in 1992.

Some numbers:

14 Countries

353 Junior Enterprises

33k Junior Entrepreneurs

4.4k Consulting projects per year

Junior Enterprises Worldwide

We are part of Junior Enterprises Global that reunites Junior Enterprises from 44 countries with more than 51k Junior Entrepreneurs across the globe.