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Women’s Panel

Objective appreciation of men’s value and women’s value has come a long way in recent years. But even now, we are still prone to quickly put men in the spotlight at the cost of sidelining women. Therefore, we decided to create an event where three amazing and successful women talk, among others, about their career path, their successes, and their challenges. There will be an hour panel discussion, followed by a thirty-minute Q&A session, where you will be able to ask questions to the speakers.

Women’s Panel – Event Registration

Registration by email are closed but you can simply join the panel tonight via this zoom link

Stock Market 101

Have you ever thought about investing on the stock market, but didn’t know where to begin? Then the Stock Market Event is for you! 

Dr. Lisa Culton is an American pathologist. She also has a financial degree and enjoys sharing her financial knowledge on Youtube. She will present the basics of stock market investment, and she will give precious advice on how to start! This Event will be held via Zoom, on Tuesday, 4 May 2021, from 18:00 to 19:30. As Dr. Lisa Culton does not know your full financial situation, please understand that this is not investment advice, but for informational purposes only.

Register to the event and kick start your investing journey!

Stock Market, Investment 101 – Event Registration

If you would like to take part in our talk, please fill in your details in this Event Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered and receive a zoom link. Event registration must be completed at least two (2) days prior to the event.

National Meeting Closing

More information will be revealed soon !

Past events :

National Meeting Opening 2020 and Winter Webinars

This year the NMO will be happening completely online. To not turn it into a heavy and tedious day-long presentation, we’ve decided to spread it throughout November and December 2020. It will include various conferences and workshops.  

To take part in the NMO and attend presentations and workshops, please fill in your details in this Event Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered.

Here are the scheduled conferences:

#laVENTEcestCHIC – Wed. 18 nov 2020 – 18h15
by Eric Bertin

Launch a start-up during COVID – Wed. 25 nov 2020 – 18h15
by Thierry Antille

Leadership in organizations – Wed. 2 dec 2020 – 19h15
by Richard Hauser

From a small JE to “Best JE of the Year” – Fri. 11 dec 2020 – 18h15
by Yann Costa, Damian Urwyler, and Ryan Siow

Business development – Tue. 15 dec 2020 – 19h15
by Loïk Narby