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This is Junior Enterprises Switzerland, the Swiss confederation of Junior Enterprises.

We are a student association that promotes entrepreneurship and supports the Swiss Junior Enterprises on a daily basis.

The Network

The Junior Enterprises Network is the biggest movement managed and formed by university students. The goal of a Junior Enterprise is to provide services for companies, institutions and individuals. Businesses have access to young innovative minds and students get hands-on market experience as they are completing their degree.

On the National level

The Swiss Network is composed of 13 Junior Enterprises. Each of them has the potential to take your next project from dream to reality. The fields of applications are wide and include : Engineering, Marketing, Audit, Web development, and many more. Get to know more about our promising Junior Enterprises here.

On the International level

The Swiss Confederation of Junior Enterprises is a proud member of Junior Enterprises Europe and Junior Enterprises Global. The international aspect of our movement gives us the chance to collaborate with other young entrepreneurs from other countries and cultures.

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