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We are the Swiss Confederation of Junior Enterprises. We are the largest student movement in the world.

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What is a Junior Enterprise ?

A Junior Enterprise is a student association non-profit consultancy agency. The organisation is managed entirely by students called Junior Entrepreneurs. Before they graduate, these students work with real clients for whom they manage projects and ensure services alongside their studies.

What brings a Junior Enterprise to the client

  • A great value, as they get quality consulting at a profitable price.

  • A fresh eye on the design and implementation of mandates.


A Junior Enterprise always exists into a university. It gives a unique environment to get experience and lifelong skills that make students adaptable and able to put their ideas into action. According to a study from the European Commission, 16% of JE alumni are currently self-employed and Junior Entrepreneurs get their first job faster than regular students.

Junior Enterprises are changing the society.

Because of their activities, Junior Enterprises have a positive impact on society. They animate students’ lives on the universities campus and give to young students meaningful job opportunities. On the customer side, they offer quality services aware of the latest innovations at attractive prices.


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