The Swiss Network

A junior enterprise can be many things, such as a student consultancy, a marketing agency, an incubator or many others. The organisation was created and is now entirely managed by university students, junior entrepreneurs. Before graduation, these young entrepreneurs, assisted by their professors, work with real clients to develop products and services. This enables them to develop precious skills for their future. This collaboration is value adding for companies as each junior enterprise offers quality at a competitive price. All juniors will work for and with you with creativity, energy and dedication.

Our Swiss Junior Enterprises

  • Process Digitalisation, Information Technology, Market Research, Innovation

  • Best Junior Enterprise of 2018.
  • Best Project of 2017.

ETH juniors unites outsourcing, project management, as well as recruiting and event marketing services. ETH juniors is the junior enterprise of ETH Zurich and is ranked among the top three of 200 junior enterprises in Europe. Led by motivated students, ETH juniors processes projects for companies, analyses various sets of problems and develops creative solutions.

  • Life Science, Industrial Technology, Communication & Design, Information Technology, Construction & Environment, Education & Training.
  • Most Promising Junior Enterprise of 2018.

You are a professional or an individual, you have a project that you would like to achieve? The Junior Enterprise HEPIA is precisely the one to concretize your will. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss with you your ideas around a coffee. We are young and dynamic, which is our strength and motivation. Meet people with a fresh eye on the world of work. Work with the engineers of tomorrow.

  • Management Consulting, IT Consulting, Legal Consulting, Translation, Engineering
  • Most Entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise of 2019.

For more than 30 years, Junior Entreprise Genève offers quality services to best meet the expectations of our customers, while encouraging our members to enrich their knowledge in rich and various fields. In short, Junior Entreprise Genève is an opportunity to develop your skills, create your own local and international professional network and hold positions of responsibility.

  • Marketing studies, Marketing strategy, Survey, Business Plans
  • Most Promising Junior Enterprise of 2015.
  • Best Project of 2015.

Junior Entreprise of Haute Ecole de Gestion of Geneva is structured and organized as a business. Strong of its eclectic formations, the JEHEG proposes comprehensive services in Business Economics, International Business Management, Information Management and Information documentary.

  • Engineering, Digital, Translations
  • Best European Junior Enterprise of 2018.
  • Best Consulting Project of 2018.
  • Best Swiss Junior Enterprise of 2017.

Junior Enterprise EPFL manages projects for a wide variety of clients, by tapping into the abilities of the students at one of Europe’s top engineering school.

  • Market Study, IT, Marketing, Translations
  • Best Swiss Junior Enterprise of 2019.

Active since 1988, the Junior Entreprise Fribourg is a non-profit organization at the University of Fribourg. Our organization is composed of about fifteen ambitious students with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Junior Entreprise Fribourg offers consulting services in French-speaking Switzerland through its five departments: business, communication, IT, translation and staff placement.

  • Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, Visual Communication, Events

Jeune-Consulting is a junior company of the University of Neuchâtel. We provide regional SMEs with academic know-how and a creative and analytical spirit to enable these companies and institutions to grow.

  • Business Plan, Market Study, Translations, Business Model Canvas

Integrated in the European JADE network (Junior Association for Development in Europe) which includes over 300 Junior Enterprises from the best European schools and universities, our association brings together the skills of HEC students at the end of the Bachelor program and Master specialization to meet the needs of various companies through the mandates it carries out.

  • Hotel & Restaurant Auditing, Marketing, Translation, Human Resources, Customer & Employee Satisfaction

The Junior Enterprise of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, short JEHL, is a consulting association entirely run by motivated hospitality management students. Being the only Junior Enterprise of the hospitality industry, JEHL proposes full auditing services to hotels and restaurants as well as market- and feasibility studies, among others. The JEHL core team and the EHL student body coming from all around the world, counting over 120 nationalities, being symbol of unique diversity, is a strong asset, especially when it comes to the complexity of the entrepreneurial world and the creation of innovative and creative solutions.