What is a Junior Initiative ?

A Junior Initiative (JI) describes a recently founded association in the process of becoming a Junior Enterprise (JE). The JI has one year after its creation to become a JE, coached by members of Junior Enterprises Switzerland (JES). During this period, JES supervises the development of the association in order to reach the standards of quality required by Junior Enterprises Switzerland to become a JE. This standards are about organisation, business, finance, legal aspects and clearly defined processes. Once the Junior Initiative complies with those requirements, it is accepted into the Junior Enterprise movement.

Create a JI !

You are student from a Higher education institution without its JE ? Are you motivated to become a Junior Entrepreneur ? It’s time to contact us !
One goal of Junior Enterprises Switzerland is to help developing new Junior Enterprises across Switzerland with the objective to increase the possibility for students to live the Junior Entrepreneurs’ experience. You will have the opportunity to join a growing movement of 30’000 students in 14 european countries, delivering more than 4300 high quality projects per year !

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